Eyenique Vision Eye Care & more offers solutions for all of your vision needs. Eyewear and eye care professionals who offer everything from prescription eyeglasses, sun glasses, contact lenses and designer eyeglass frames. Our optical professionals serve the Hastings and surrounding areas. Cottage Grove, Inver Grove Heights, Apple Valley, Rosemount, Lakeville, Farmington, Eagan, MN & Prescott, WI communities.

Open Your Eyes To Our Lenses

Lenses we offer at Eyenique Vision Eye Care & more...

PROGRESSIVE LENSES (NO-LINE) Progressive Lenses are lenses with three fields of vision, which are: distance, intermediate and near. There is a smooth transition between each field without any visual jumps. They are also more flattering because they lack any visible lines. *All our lenses are free form digital.

*We only produce Digitally Surfaced Backside Free Form lenses for Progressive lenses. The back surface of every Digital lens (closer to the eye) now contains 100% of your Rx. (sphere, cylinder, axis, prism, and or add power) while the front surface is a perfect sphere. 

This revolutionary technology eliminates the "Swim and Sway" associated with conventional progressive lenses. Digital backside progressive lenses are superior to conventional Progressive in every way and provide you with the optimum vision solution. We offer this technology in Single Vision and bifocal too.

ANTI-REFLECTIVE LENSES Anti-reflective lenses help cut the glare by absorbing the light instead of reflecting it which allows you to experience increased sharpness and quality pertaining to your vision. It is great for use with computer screens; overhead office lighting; night driving; driving in the rain; and headlight glare. It is easy to clean and is very durable. 

SCRATCH RESISTANT LENSES All of our lenses includes scratch resistant coating. However, no eyeglass lens material is 100% scratch proof.

POLYCARBONATE LENSES - Polycarbonate lenses are high impact and is always good to consider getting a polycarbonate lens if you do sports or any activities that could possibly be hazardous at home, school or work. Children should always wear this lens. However, if there is the option of specific occupational or sports safety eyewear that should be chosen instead.

HI INDEX LENSES Hi Index Lenses will provide you with a flatter, thinner and more cosmetically fashionable lens. They provide 100% ultraviolet protection which will help your eyes against sun exposure. The design of the lens being aspheric allows for better optics without distorting your peripheral vision. 

TRANSITION LENSES Transition lenses will get dark when you go outdoors and lighten up when you go inside. They have 100% protection against ultraviolet sun exposure which is harmful to the eyes. Now available with a polarized option.

POLARIZED LENSES Polarized Lenses provide excellent protection from ultraviolet radiation while blocking out the horizontal light. It will reduce the glare from snow, water and pavement while providing you with clear and crisp vision. They also come in more than one color. People should always wear sunglasses outdoors whether they are taking a walk, working, driving or participating in sports to avoid the harmful effects from solar radiation. While wearing sunglasses is great protection, Eyenique Vision can help you do it fashionably. Come in today to see the current styles and most of our frames can be made into prescription sunglasses.